How do Puzzle Trails work?

Puzzle Trails are essentially a walk around one of the many towns and villages in the South West of England (and I might write some elsewhere in the country, so keep an eye on our Trails pages). On the way around your walk you have to solve clues . There is no need for a map as comprehensive directions are given within the Trail Booklet.

Along the way you will find clues that are set using buildings, monuments, plaques and such like, that have to be solved, as well as Just for Fun puzzles. The answers to those clues are sometimes given for you, just to eliminate them, or sometimes you have to write things into an answer grid. But don't worry too much as full instructions are given in every Trail Booklet. In any event, contained in your purchase is a full set of correct answers - just don't cheat ahead of your task!

Puzzle Trails uses three main themes for their Trails - a Crime Mystery, a Treasure Hunt and a Secret Mission - all of which require participants to complete an overall task whilst on their walk to succeed in their mission.

Visit our Trails page to see a full description of each Trail available. If you have any suggestions of places you would like to see Trails written, use our Contact Us link in the menu above.

Tell me, what is a Puzzle Trail?

Welcome to our site. Want to know what Puzzle Trails are all about?

The short answer is that a Puzzle Trail is a walk. It's a walk that involves you in solving a mystery. The mystery might be in the form of a Treasure Hunt where something valuable has been hidden or lost and you have to find it. It might be a Mystery Mission where you have to solve clues to save the world perhaps - or you might have to turn detective for the day and solve a crime.


To help you achieve your goal, you have to follow the directions given in the Trail Booklet and look for clues along the way. You will be helped to solve those clues - and ultimately solve the mystery. Each Trail is different. All can be done at pretty much any time that suits you - the only limiting factor usually is daylight. You can even stop your task and start again another day - it's up to you.

The Trails cost £5 and they are suitable for four or five people at a time. Where else can you get a day out for just £5 these days?

We enjoyed the Trail despite the freezing weather.
A.J. Burton on Trent

We learned alot about an area we thought we knew well.
P.W. Derby

The best fun our group of 6 to 62 year olds could possibly have had.
G.W. Nottingham