What is a bespoke Puzzle Trail?

Bespoke Trails are simply tailor made Trails. Tailor made to the clients specific requirements. Our team of designers can deliver a product from a conceptual idea through to the finished article. We have produced Trails for local businesses who wanted to give their clients added extra value to their stay on their campsite or at their hotel. We have encouraged people to stay longer at local tourist attractions that may have encouraged their visitors to spend more money, or simply time, at the attraction. We have designed Trails that give a visitor a greater understanding of the environment and surroundings of the venue, thereby enriching the vistors experience of their day.

How might a bespoke puzzle trail help my business?

Puzzle Trails can use a Trail to promote a companies business too. Using a bespoke Trail might be an inducement to remember your company when it comes to a tender or bidding process...a way to stand out.


If you are the owner or manager of a major visitor attraction, there might be a reason why you need Puzzle Trails - to come and design a professionally styled Treasure Hunt around your property. There are all sorts of reasons why you might want a Treasure Hunt - maybe for a special event, maybe to help guide your visitors around your site...maybe to occupy those who don't like some of the other things you provide! Take for example a theme park with wild rides and exciting, fun shows, thrills and spills. Not everyone going to your theme park is there because they want to be. They might be there because the rest of the family really like what you provide - but they don't. Well, with a Puzzle Trail you could provide a more gentle and engaging experience for these few, these oh so sad individuals that don't like the high speed roller coasters (they're just not for everyone).

You might be a Country House who wants people to explore your grounds more...spread the passage of feet tramping through your beautiful house. Well again, give them something to do...a Treasure Hunt perhaps. True you think you can design a perfectly adequate Treasure hunt yourselves, but we guarantee it will not be as professionally thought through as ours. Its what we do. we design tailor made trails for all sorts of enterprises...and we do it well. Look through our site here to see the sort of breadth of Trail designs and ask yourselves, 'Do we want a half decent trail, or do we want a professionally delivered product that will get our visitors coming back for more?' I know what I would want.


Sometimes you want to provide something a little bit extra for your guests. We can write a trail for you that takes your guests right from your front door around your local town, giving them clues to solve along the way. Or maybe we could just re-badge one of our existing trails so that it appears as though it's one you wrote.


One way to keep your guests happy is to provide them with things to do - and if you can earn a little money on the way, why not keep your guests very happy. Puzzle Trails can write you a trail that will focus on the camp site itself or cover somewhere close by - perhaps starting at the camp site and returning there. We have written a number of Trails along these lines and provided the camp site owner with a means of earning a small income from selling the trails. It's up to you where you would like the trail to run from - we know how to get the best out of any route.