Corporate Events

By corporate events we mean anything to do with your business. From team building through to family fun days for your employees families. From marketing and promotional events through to rewarding your employees with a day out with a purpose. We can provide an engaging Puzzle Trail that will centre around walking, talking, solving and working together. The events are suitable for all ages and abilities, are inclusive and engaging and above all...fun.

Team Building

Using one of our themed trails we will design a trail to meet your corporate team building needs. Whether you want to use it as an excuse to get everyone together, or have an outcome focused day in mind, we will provide a challenge for your group that ensures everyone participates. The beauty of our trails is that they bring out the best in everyone, in a fun yet exciting way. We design a walking trail in a town or city of your choosing within the UK, and at a time and duration that suits you. Whether you choose a secret mission, a crime mystery or a treasure hunt, we will provide everything that is needed for your group to work together in teams. Between the teams however, there are no holds barred rivalry to become the best and beat the rest!

The trails are suitable for groups of between 12 and 120 people of mixed ages and abilities. We pride ourselves in being inclusive and ensuring that nobody feels left out or unable to participate. There is something for everyone to do in our challenges. Planning a route around the town, solving clues, completing additional tasks, collecting information and data, leading, following, presenting, looking after each other - all have a part to play in the successful completion of the task - and above all, making sure you have a fun time (that's my job) - combine to make a great Team Building event.

Corporate Days Out

Consider those occasions where you get everyone out of the office so that they gel. You could do this by getting everyone down the pub, but we like to think we have a better idea. Get everyone out on a walk around your local area, but give them something constructive to do on the way. A Puzzle Trail is the perfect way to engage everyone in solving a mystery, a challenge to complete, a mission to accomplish. Nothing too onerous, just taxing enough to give them something to get their teeth into and give them a sense of satisfaction at the end...and then take them down the pub!

Family Fun Days

If you wanted to encourage your employees to involve their families a little more in their work, why not organise a family fun day? Part of this day might include a Treasure Hunt for the family group. We at Puzzle Trails can compose the perfect Treasure Hunt for your family day - just contact us and tell us what you want.

Bespoke Business Events

If you want a different way to attract new busiess or networking opportunities, why not choose a Puzzle Trail? Using one of our specially designed trails, we can help you challenge local firms you want to do business with to a team challenge event. Can your team solve the mystery faster, better, more thoroughly than their team? Can your team complete the mission more successfully than their team? We can even design trails that drive business to your stand at an exhibition, show or on the high street (perhaps your local trade association would like to book us for Christmas). If any of these ideas, or something you would like to try, catches your imagination, contact us here.