Using Puzzle Trails for a Party

Using the basic format from our regular Trails, we can customise them to your specific needs for that special event. Whether it is a 50th birthday party or a weekend hen party, we can write a Trail in your chosen location that will make your day somewhat different than any other party you have attended. We ask you to let us know where you would like the Trail to start and finish and we can write a Puzzle Trail around a walking route that will give your guests a mystery to solve in that location. If we can use one of our pre-written Trails and adapt that, this will save you quite a lot of money - but we can write a Trail pretty much anywhere you ask us to. We produce a Trail Booklet for you and your guests as a memento - and is used to guide people around a town or village. Along the way they have to solve puzzles, clues and complete tasks in order to complete their mission. These events usually last for half a day, but can be tailored to meet your time needs. So if you have a family gathering, and want them all to get out and about before you all sit down to a lovely meal...contact us using the form opposite and talk to us.

Hen Parties

If you don't want your hen party to be ALL about drinking cocktails through plastic willy straws, you could consider getting everyone out and about into the fresh air.
The way this works best is on those hen weekend affairs where a bunch of you go to a cottage in the countryside. On the Friday evening everyone arrives at various times from around the country and you have a meal and a few drinks. In the morning, after a nice leisurely breakfast and everyone's had a chance to catch up again over a strong coffee, you head out on one of our Puzzle Trails. We will personalise one of our local trails so that you have the usual Treasure Hunt, Secret Mission or Crime Mystery to solve, and in addition we set a whole load of other tasks to be completed.

Birthday Parties

Let us arrange a small surprise for someone's birthday. We have provided bespoke trails for a number of people over the past few months - usually middleaged people who want to invite their friends along for a mystery adventure, followed by a meal or a party at a local venue. we develop a highly personalised Trail to meet your needs - usually lasting between 2 and 4 hours in a location of your choice. ask us and we'll tell you what is possible!

Special Occasions

Special occasions might be a wedding anniversary, launching a new product, welcoming home someone from travelling abroad - or any event that you want to make special for your friends and relatives. This is an opportunity for you to celebrate anything that you want to - and ask us to help plan that event. We will listen carefully to your requirements and can organise the whole event, or just one aspect of it. We are good at finding things for people to do in your locality, or finding a special place to host your event. We can create one of our Trails almost anywhere you want us to and can make the Trail as hard or as easy as you wish. Use the Contact Us link above to ask us any further questions.