Treasure Hunts

The Treasure Hunt version of the Puzzle Trails adventure centres around a quest to find the location of some hidden treasure (fictitious I'm afraid, but what do you expect for £5.00!). The same principal applies to all our trails...you follow directions, solve clues and, in this instance find the treasure on the treasure map. The answers to each clue appear on the back page somewhere on the treasure map. All you have to do is cross off the correct answer to each clue as you solve it. The one place left not crossed off is the final solution - and if there were real treasure, this is where you and your scallywag team would go dig. So if you are sure you have found the right place to dig for gold - you can open the answer sheet supplied when you purchased your trail and check. Will you be a clever clogs or a 'LOSER'!


Secret Missions

Secret Mission trails are where you are given a mission to complete. You follow the same format as our other trails (solving clues, following directions given - no need for a map). As you solve a clue, you write your answer in to the grid on the back page. When you have completed the whole trail, look for letters and numbers in the shaded boxes and use these to form a word or phrase that is hidden. Go on you code breakers, see if you can solve the secret mission and come out a winner. As always, you will have an answer sheet (downloaded at the time of purchase) to check your answers. Remember, nothing is impossible, not even these missions!

Crime Mysteries

Here a crime has been committed and it is your duty to help solve it. Using our normal format you solve clues along a route that we give you directions for. As you solve a clue, you will be expected to eliminate something from the back cover (maybe a suspect, maybe a getaway car, maybe a weapon used in a crime). At the end of the trail you will be left with things not crossed off - that tells you all you need to know about the crime and you can make an arrest. Are you up for being a detective? If you get stuck, or just want to know if you have got it right, check the answer sheet you got when you purchased your trail. Elementary eh what?